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Adventure in the Swiss Alps - The Secret Cave

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Blake, an eleven-year-old Swiss-Canadian, loves adventure. Yet the summer vacation at his grandparents’ farm high in the Swiss Alps turns out to be more than he ever dreamed. Not only must he deal with a sloppy Newfie dog and a stowaway mouse, but also a blind rooster who foresees the future! No problem for blake with his secret gift – he can communicate with animals. Then along comes Jessie, a gutsy girl, who confronts him with an even bigger secret.
While hiking in a remote valley, she discovers a hidden cave and stumbles across an ancient dagger. What do those strange symbols on its handle mean? Are they a code for a hidden treasure or do they carry a terrible curse? The kids try to solve the riddle, not knowing evil crooks are in hot pursuit. Suddenly, Jessie disappears…
Can blake, with his grandpa and the animals, help her escape in a perilous flight across a glacier?

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